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The More We Give to Canine Companions

Randy, a Navy veteran with a spinal cord injury, recalls when he and his wife, Linda, first learned of Canine Companions for Independence. It was just days after his accident, while being treated at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, that Randy was introduced to Canine Companions Facility Dog Alma. Alma joined Randy in his […] Continue The More We Give to Canine Companions

Ticket To Ride

Some of my favorite memories from my youth are ones of doing things on my own or with my younger brother. Going to a movie by myself, hobby store or walking to a nearby pond to catch some fish were a few things I enjoyed doing. Not having my parents tagging along and supervising me […] Continue Ticket To Ride

Make Everyday Independence Day

It takes a distinct form of courage to take on a job called “explosive ordnance disposal technician,” especially while serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. Charlie is that kind of brave. Even while recounting how he was injured, Charlie is matter-of-fact. “I stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device). When I came to and […] Continue Make Everyday Independence Day

Don’t Make a Breakup Worse for Yourself by Doing This

You haven’t really lived if you haven’t experienced a breakup with a romantic or potentially lifetime partner. That’s not to recommend that we should seek out opportunities to do so because we’re otherwise missing out on something exciting. It’s to say that it’s a standard part of any human search for love and intimacy. There’s […] Continue Don’t Make a Breakup Worse for Yourself by Doing This