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Half a Million Strong

1969 was an exciting year, especially for a teenager. Sitting in my room with my black and white TV and stereo, I watched and listened to the world go through it’s changes. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the New York Mets won the World Series and the Vietnam War raged on. John and Yoko held Bed-Ins for Love and Peace. The hippie movement had reached it’s peak which I thought was cool. My dad felt differently saying quite often, “Those hippies will be the downfall of America.” Continue Half a Million Strong

Men’s Health in Advanced Age

It’s no secret that women tend to see the doctor more often than men. In my daily practice, which focuses on older patients, a significant number of men come in at the insistence of their wives. But men should and can make their health a priority — especially as they age — and know what to ask their doctor to continue living safe and healthy lives. Continue Men’s Health in Advanced Age